Amazon plans to create 5000 new jobs in the UK this year

The online retail company has made a statement that it plans to hire 5000 new employees for full- time jobs in the UK in 2017.

Software developers and warehouse staff are among the most wanted. New jobs will be created at Amazon’s head office in London and in the Edinburgh customer service center as well as in the new warehouses.

After the new recruitment Amazon’s workforce in the UK will be more than 24 000 people.

The head of the Amazon in UK, Doug Gurr, said that the company is creating thousands of new jobs and a lot of apprenticeship opportunities. He also said that Amazon continues to innovate and provide its customers with fast delivery, greater variety and better value.

There will be three new warehouses, called fulfillment centers in Daventry, Tilbury and Doncaster. The new warehouses will be useful to the growing business of the company and to the fast delivery.

The new warehouses will also handle the third-party retailers’ goods for more convenient sale or for deliveries only. The amount of the third-party sellers is growing rapidly. The UK market is Amazon’s second biggest market in Europe, behind Germany, and it continues to expand.

The market expands mostly in groceries and fashion. Clothes are the fastest growing area and rumor has it that Amazon is planning to launch its own fashion label since the company created a fashion photography studio in London.

Last year a BBC reporter working undercover at an agency, which was an Amazon delivery contractor, found out that the drivers worked illegally extra hours and were expected to deliver up to 200 parcels daily.

Amazon defended its practices and declared it would ensure the safety and the legal work of its employees.

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