Amazon plans to open a new Severn Beach warehouse in 2018

1000 new jobs in 2018 have been promised by the retail giant Amazon, planning to open a new warehouse near Bristol next year.

According to Amazon’s Stefano Perago Bristol offers great infrastructure and new jobs will be welcomed by the local people. The new warehouse will be the 14th UK site of the company and it will open at Severn Beach.

The online giant plans on recruiting engineers, IT and HR specialists, operation managers and other employees for its new warehouse.

Three more warehouses are set to open this autumn: in Tilbury, Doncaster and Warrington. That will make 24 000 UK employees for Amazon by the end of this year.

Amazon said the new warehouse near Bristol will be open to meet the increasing customer demand. The move will also expand the selection and provide more opportunities for the small business to use the online marketplace.

The new warehouse will bring new jobs to the area and will offer career opportunities along with training opportunities. That will enhance the local economy after Brexit.

Earlier this month Amazon was on the news for paying 50% less UK corporation tax last year, despite its 54% jump in turnover. The company was billed 15,8 million pounds in 2015 and only 7,4 million in 2016.

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