Last Black Friday was the busiest day on Amazon

The Black Friday sales on Amazon surpassed all expectations and the day was the busiest in the company’s history.

Over 5,5 million goods were ordered and 64 items sold per second on the last Black Friday. According to Amazon the consumers’ appetite was bigger than ever. Normally, there were some incidents too – the police dealt with few scuffles at retailers’ stores in UK. Amazon sold 4 million items on the last year’s Black Friday.

According to Xavier Garambois, the vice-president of EU retail at Amazon, sales have increased ever since Black Friday was first introduced to the UK in 2010.

Last year’s Black Friday record for Amazon was surpassed on Cyber Monday 2013 with 47 purchases per second and over 4,1 million items ordered.

Many people traded at night to maximize shopping time. Some websites like Argos and Tesco Direct struggled to handle the high traffic and there were customers waiting up in a virtual queue. At supermarkets in Dundee, Pollok near Glasgow, Manchester and London some shoppers fought over goods, the police records said.


What is the reason so many people take part in the Black Friday madness? Certainly the opportunity to pay 20-40% less for big items such as tablets and computers is tempting. Another thing is that thousands of shoppers receive their payment on the last working day of the month. Besides, people feel more secure about their jobs recently; they feel wealthier and glad to have lower fuel bills and supermarket bills.

So, this is one of the busiest periods for retailers. The Bank of England was warned several times that people are borrowing more than they could return, considering the pace their wages are rising. This could be dangerous.

John Lewis reportedly had up to 307% traffic, compared to last year’s Black Friday. The most sold items were Apple iPads and Nutribullet food processors. Due to the high traffic about 7% of the clients could not access the site though.

Currys PC World also said its web traffic increased five times compared to the last year’s Black Friday. Many people tend to shop at night, so the company implemented a queuing system to support shoppers.

Tesco Direct also experienced high demand and was even temporarily unavailable. Numerous shoppers waited both online and in stores.

Asda sold more than 8000 televisions in its first hour of trading, between 8 and 9 am. Through the first hour it has also sold more than 1000 BMX bikes and sold out the Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB games consoles with Halo and Forza.

Nevertheless, some analysts still think the value of Black Friday for the retailers is questionable.

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