Amazon to bid for Premier League UK streaming rights.

The tech giant is considering challenging BT and Sky for domestic coverage of the world`s most watched football league.

Amazon is rumoured to be considering making a bid for the rights to stream Premier League football in the upcoming auction, according to sources familiar with the matter. The rights for the next three years (2019-2022) will be put up for auction in February.

Although Amazon has refused to comment on the rumour, the Telegraph states the development was confirmed by two well-placed sources.

Facebook has also been linked with the auction, although the social network remains quiet on its plans to expand further into sports.

Ed Woodward, the executive vice chairman of Manchester United, fuelled the speculation in September, when he said he expected one or more of the digital giants to bid.

Amazon sees sporting events such as tennis, NFL and football matches as a way to get more people to subscribe to Prime memberships, which include video streaming and convert occasional shoppers into more loyal customers.

Amazon’s annual revenue of £100bn is almost three times that of its two potential rivals combined.

During the last auction , Sky retained the biggest share of matches for £4.2 billion. This time its expected that Sky will have more financial power, based on Disney`s take over of Sky`s parent company – 21st century fox.

The seven packages being offered by the Premier League in the auction vary from 32 matches to 20 matches each.