Bitcoin is a Bubble, AMZ FBA is a Business

Lately there’s been a noticeable trend with entrepreneurs that have gone from online business to investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But there are more and more people who claim that Crypto values are actually inside of a balloon that’s going to pop up at some point of time.

A lot of people who have online business are going with the wave of mining Crypto values, which are already getting restricted by many governments. For example, entrepreneurs with great experience on Amazon platform, who have made hundreds of thousands in FBA, are now focusing on putting money into cryptocurrencies instead of focusing on their growth.

Amazon FBA Europe isn’t so big as in USA, so for sellers in USA is a good opportunity to expand and invest in their business in Europe too. It’s more safer to give your money in already established and proven platform, than in unknown and risky crypto currencies.

Amazon shows its massive growth potential over the years  and you don’t need to be economist to see that Amazon’s growth will continue.