Delivery drone beehives – Amazon’s vision for the future.

Amazon has applied to patent a multi-level beehive tower that would deploy and receive delivery drones.

The e-commerce giant imagines beehive-like towers filled with robots, where drones can dock and be restocked before flying out again for another delivery.

Like its fulfillment centers now, the drone tower patent application includes plans for robots that help human workers fill orders and ferry items around the building.

To make sure rogue drones don’t enter, Amazon describes landing platforms locked with doors that authenticate via a wireless communication that the drone is allowed to enter.

Amazon’s drones, which are guided by GPS, can carry packages up to 5lbs and fly at heights of up to 400 ft.

Some of Amazon ideas include a design for a floating warehouse parked 45,000 feet in the air for its drones to dock and collect packages to deliver.

Amazon has been testing its delivery drones at a secret field in Cambridge.

Amazon made its first drone delivery in the UK in December 2016. The company plans to expand the service in the near future.