Amazon`s forest spheres.

Amazon`s mini rainforest spheres just opened in Seattle after seven years of planning and constructions. There are 40,000 plants from 30 different countries around the world. The spheres were designed for the employees to go take a brake and relax. There are 25,000 plants which build a vertical garden into 4,000 square feet of mesh.

The spheres are constructed with glass and steel they can accommodate up to 800 people. The biggest sphere is 90 feet high and 130 feet wide. Inside the spheres is warm and humid just like the real Amazon rainforest. For the comfort of the people there are three different micro-climates within the spheres with hotter and cooler temperatures.

There is WI-FI in every sphere. Amazon have software which monitors how long does the employees spend time to relax inside via their ID badges, so no one can spend all day inside the buildings. The hardest part of the project was to bring the 55-foot tall tree from a farm in Southern California to Seattle.