How to win Amazon the buy box

When you are a seller on Amazon and you want to be good at it, you have understand how the buy box works. This is important part of being profitable product seller.

For example:

As you see on the picture above there is 13 sellers, but only 4 of them are shown on the product page. It’s not hard to tell that those 4 sellers are getting most of the sales.

Buy Box Metrics

Let’s take a quick look the Buy Box metrics. They can be sorted into three categories.

One the most important metric is the pricing. As you see on the picture below the product listing says there is four cheaper options than the one with shipping cost not included. These sellers with the better pricing also have prime membership which includes free shipping and faster delivery.

On second place is Shipping Performance. Amazon’s puts priority on fast shipping and making their customers happy.

Shipping performance includes two metrics – ODR and POP.

1.     ODR (Order Defect Rate) Basically it’s how many orders are returned or cancelled. Also getting a negative feedback.

2.     POP (Perfect Order Percentage) is how many orders go without any problem.

On last place comes the Seller Rating.

Most of the time the best number for seller rating is 90%. It’s less likely for a seller with a <90% rating to win the Buy Box.

How to win the buy box.

There are two steps to win the buy box.

1.     You have to be an eligible. Your product must have the same ASIN as the listing you want to be featured on

2.     To lower your price is always nice. If you’re eligible, pricing is pretty much the sole determining factor. In other words, you’ll have to find your competitors that sell the same product and offer less price.

3.     Use Fulfilled By Amazon – You’ll get a special orange Fulfillment By Amazon icon (see above) on your seller listing when you use FBA.