Amazon is planning to create 2000 new jobs in France.

The company expending their business in largest European market outside of UK and Germany. By the end of this year there will be 2000 new positions available.

Amazon had a problem with the French tax authorities who had been seeking nearly €200m. After Amazon settled that long running dispute with the authorities, the online retail giant wants to grow even bigger in Europe.

The online retail giant has been expanding rapidly in France. Since 2016 in Paris, it starts “Amazon Prime Now” express delivery service. There is already five logistic centres nationwide and plans to open a 142,000 square foot delivery warehouse in 2018.

The increase of work places in Amazon will bring a total number of 7,500 staff members in France for the year of 2018.This will reflect positive on the economy of the country.

On latest reports the general manager for France, Frederic Duval said that he would love if Amazon expand “Prime Now” in other French cities.

After Amazon’s latest purchase of Whole Foods in USA last year, has caused some rumors that the company could be targeting the European food and supermarket sector next.