Amazon invested $90m for chip technology.

The online giant is researching chips available only to Blink that could extend the battery life of its devices.

Last year Amazon paid $90m for company called Blink. The new acquired firm  specializes on home security cameras.

The online retailer’s goal is to do more than sell another home security camera , as other sources had thought. Amazon want to lower production costs and lengthen the battery life of other gadgets that includes the mentioned chip above.

Amazon has the plan to extend their technology to other products such as “Amazon Cloud Cam” and potentially expand even more of its family of Echo speakers.

The main disadvantage of Amazon family products is that they have to be plugged in to power source in order to operate. But all that could change after the acquisition of Blink company, which cameras can last two years on a single pair of AA lithium batteries.

There is a bright future for Amazon in the area of smart home technology business. The company have plans to start their new program called “Amazon Key” where shoppers can set up a smart lock and surveillance camera so delivery personnel can slip packages inside their homes.

In 2016 Blink security camera was released and hit the market with their price starting at $99 also did not require a power cable like many rival products,making  easier to place around users’ properties.Other rival companies like Amazon’s wired Cloud Cam launched at $119.99 and Netgear’s wire-free Arlo cost more still.

Always-on cameras like Blink  that last for months and don’t require a wired connection or an electrician to install, all that could be a game changer. Amazon might apply the Blink team’s experience to cameras in delivery drones or in its new checkout-free stores.

After the recent changes, now Amazon can go straight to manufacture their own chip.The company has a division called Annapurna Labs that makes an unrelated kind of chip.