Six more Amazon Go stores are likely to open later this year

After the first store was opened earlier this year, Amazon aims higher. The company wants to open six more high-tech convenience Amazon Go stores.This is more likely to happened in their hometown of Seattle.

The Amazon Go stores took a huge leap into improvement of the shopping industry. All that says a lot about their new store, where there is no cashiers and the shoppers just need to tap the Amazon Go app on their smartphones.

The app does the rest of the job for them, by tabulate what they owe, and deduct that amount from their Amazon accounts, sending them a receipt.Another amazing part of the Amazon go store is If the item is put back on the shelf, Amazon removes it from their virtual basket.

You can find almost everything in their new store, from grocery essentials, milk to sodas, beer, potato chips, cheeses and locally made chocolates.

This unique shopping experience is possible thanks to the technologies used for self-driving cars. For example – computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion.

Amazon is in serious negotiation with the billionaire Rick Caruso. The online retailer wants to bring Go stores to “The Grove” which location is Los Angeles. The Grove is over 600,000-square-foot popular outdoor shopping venue.

There is also at least three locations in Seattle for new Amazon Go stores.