Amazon faces delivery challenge for Australian sellers

Three months after Amazon open their first store in Australia, now merchants can pay to Amazon to pack and ship their products. That could happened through   (FBA) – “Fulfilment by Amazon” program.

For some clients in distant settlements – like doctors and veterinarians who make house calls by airplane or helicopters – have already criticized the slower delivery times than suggested by the company’s website.Amazon’s main delivery partner is government run Australia Post.

For now Amazon has only one warehouse in Australia, where its location is outside Melbourne city on the country’s east coast where most of the population lives.

On latest reports the online retailer is expected to open more warehouses to service far-flung Australian communities.

Australia is big and there is great potential for more Amazon to build more. The next logical step for the online giant is to build their new depot in Sydney the country’s most populous city, and Perth on the west coast.