Amazon buys doorbell maker Ring

On Tuesday Amazon had acquired “Ring”, a company that makes smart doorbells and cameras. Seems like Amazon is pushing forward into the home security business.

On last report, the deal is worth around 1.1 billion dollars. That’s the second biggest deal made by Amazon in the company’s history. The first one was the acquisition of “Whole Foods” which is around 13,5  billion.

The new acquired asset is well known for manufacturing doorbells with security cameras inside. This high-tech device allows the homeowners to see who is outside their front door. It’s all possible through an app, you can easily monitor your visitors on any phone, even the user is not at home.

Amazon set their new priority at home security, after the success of “Echo Family” products. These products allows user to control thermostats, surveillance and other connected devices.

Last year Amazon present the “Amazon Key” with smart lock which can unlock doors for trustworthy couriers.

After the acquisition of  ” Ring” will undoubtedly strengthen competition between Amazon and Alphabet.