Amazon has reached 100 million Prime members

The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos has announced that there is more than 100 million paid members. According to Bezos it’s very important for the company of such size to have high standards. The expectations of the customers is rising from the giant and it’s completely reasonable. It’s impossible to please the ever-rising customer expectations, there is always room for improvement and when the company listens to their customers the feedback is always good.

In 2017 Amazon added more paid prime members than any prior years and shipped over billions of items for prime customers worldwide. One the most profitable products is Alexa enabled devices, it’s the best-selling device on Amazon and there is many companies that want to adopt the technology.

Alexa has more than 30,000 skilled developers from third party  and customers can choose their smart home devices from 1,200  brands.

Last year Amazon sold millions of echo devices and there is “technical work” under way for Prime members to benefit from Amazon’s store grocery chain.

The annual letter, which Bezos published, has a high interest of business professionals and it’s must-read. The main focus of this year’s letter is to setting up high standards for the company.