FBA Forward Service

If you’re an international seller looking to sell on Amazon UK or EU you can take advantage of Amazon’s fantastic European Fulfillment Network (EFN). Just export your goods to a single EU marketplace such as the UK and Amazon will fulfill your orders across Germany, France, Spain and Italy also.

However there are customs and VAT procedures to follow which are enough to put some sellers off (learn more).

Importer of Record
To clear customs it’s important to have a named person or company who will be responsible to ensure product compliance and that all duties are paid. This is called the Importer of Record and Amazon will NOT be responsible for your shipment so whatever you choose make sure you don’t list Amazon on any customs documents.

FBA Forward Service
From as little as £4 per box FBA Ship UK will provide you with a UK address for your UK customs procedures and help you through the whole customs payment process. We’ll even arrange pick-up from the Port of Landing if needed and then forward your goods safely on to FBA.

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