Wholesale Customers

Average Units Per SKUTotal UnitsFNSKU Price
Less than 10100+£0.55
More than 10100+£0.50
More than 100100+£0.45


Extra costs per item:

Suffocation label– 10p
Expiration label– 10p
Oversize– 25p
Polybags– 25p
Heavy Items (over 5kg)– £1

**example wholesale order

500 units of 5 different products = £0.38 per item

100 units of 15 different products = £0.55 per item

1000 units of 10 products plus polybags = £0.60 per item


Additional Costs:

Bundling  – £2 per bundle up to 6 items

Boxes – £1.65 for extra large double walled box (if needed)

There are no box forwarding costs for the arbitrage labelling service however the minimum charge for a shipment is £20.

Arbitrage is defined as regularly making purchases from retail stores (eg. or regularly sending unit quantities of 3 or less.

*All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the current UK rate of 20%

** example arbitrage pricing

30 units prepped and packed = £30

15 units prepped and packed  = £20 (due to minimum order fee)


Arbitrage Customers

Click here for Wholesale and Private Label Pricing

Arbitrage customers can enjoy a simple flat-fee pricing of £1 per item which includes inspection and ALL necessary prep:

  • Inspection
  • FNSKU labelling
  • Polybagging
  • Sticker Removal
  • Additional labels (e.g. Expiration or Suffocation)
  • Bubble Wrap / Shrink Wrap

*£50 one-off admin fee applies to open pay-as-you-go arbitrage account.

*Why not try our Automated Arbitrage subscriptions for extra savings.


Forwarding only:

This service is for clients whose products don’t need any labeling or prep work.

  • Forward box to Amazon only – £4 per box
  • Repack stock and forward to Amazon – £7 per box

NB: The £4 service assumes we don’t need to open the boxes and the £7 is where you’d like us to repack the products into larger boxes to consolidate for shipping on to Amazon.

All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the current UK rate of 20%


Storage fees are applicable after 28 days* and charged at £50 per CBM per month. The minimum fee is £25.

*Free storage not applicable to orders of over 2 pallets, these will be charged a daily rate after 48 hours.